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A family-run business, established in 1990 A family-run business, established in 1990
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Pruning Gloves - Men's

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Luxurious and protective - The soft leather used in the palm and back of these gloves adds a touch of luxury while providing exceptional comfort and protection. The leather moulds to the shape of your hands, offering a snug fit that allows for dexterity and flexibility. With these gloves, you can work for longer periods without discomfort, all while maintaining a strong grip on your gardening tools.

Poly-cotton lining - To enhance warmth, comfort, and an extra layer of protection, the Treadstone Pruner Gloves are lined with poly-cotton. This lining provides insulation against cold weather and acts as an added barrier against thorns and other potential hazards. With these gloves, you can garden in any season without compromising on comfort or safety.

Carbiner clip - Convenience is key, which is why the Treadstone Pruner Gloves come with an aluminum carabiner clip. This clip can be easily attached to your belt, garden bag, or any other suitable location. With the carabiner clip, you can keep your gloves within reach at all times, eliminating the need to search for them or worry about misplacing them.

Cuff - The cotton-lined faux suede cuff not only protects your wrist but also provides an elegant finishing touch to the gloves. The cuff adds an extra layer of defense, preventing debris from entering the glove and ensuring a secure fit. With this cuff, you can enjoy gardening without worrying about scratches or irritations on your wrist and forearm.

The Treadstone Pruner Gloves feature a combination of materials that prioritize both comfort and protection. The palm and fingers are reinforced with faux suede, providing an extra layer of defense against thorns and other sharp objects. This reinforcement ensures that your hands remain safe and unharmed during pruning and other garden tasks.

Upgrade your gardening experience with the Treadstone Pruner Gloves. Enjoy the comfort, protection, and convenience they provide. Whether you're a passionate gardener or a beginner, these gloves are an essential tool to have in your gardening arsenal.