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A family-run business, established in 1990 A family-run business, established in 1990
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Herb Garden (FSC 100%)

by VegTrug
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in stock, ready to be shipped
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Storage shelf – This additional space provides a convenient spot to keep your gardening tools, pots, or other essentials within easy reach, keeping everything organized and tidy.

Comfortable work height – The VegTrug Herb Garden eliminates the need for bending or crouching, saving your back and making gardening a more enjoyable experience. You can tend to your plants, sow seeds, and harvest your herbs without strain, promoting better posture and overall well-being.

Compact design – The Veg Trug Herb Garden is perfectly suited for small spaces, fitting effortlessly on a patio or balcony. Its compact size allows you to have your herb garden just a few steps away from your kitchen, making it easy to grab fresh herbs whenever you need them for cooking or garnishing.

FSC certified wood – Crafted from durable 100% FSC® wood, the Veg Trug Herb Garden is built to withstand the outdoor elements, ensuring years of reliable use. The wood is treated with a water-based, food-safe preservative, keeping your crops healthy and safe for consumption. You can enjoy fresh, homegrown herbs with the peace of mind that they are free from harmful chemicals.

Introducing the VegTrug Herb Garden: the ultimate solution for growing your own herbs and crops right at your fingertips. This raised bed planter is thoughtfully designed with a range of features to make gardening a breeze and ensure a bountiful harvest.

Capable of holding 40-50 litres of compost, this raised bed offers ample space for your herbs to thrive. The eight divided pockets prevent aggressive plants from fighting, allowing each herb to have its own designated area to grow and flourish. This organized approach ensures that your herbs can reach their full potential without competition.

To make your gardening journey even more convenient, the VegTrug Herb Garden comes with eight pre-formed liners that safely biodegrade over time. These liners provide an additional layer of protection for your plants, preventing weed growth and preserving moisture in the soil. You can rest easy knowing that your herbs are growing in a clean and controlled environment.

Embrace the joy of growing your own herbs and elevate your culinary creations with the Veg Trug Herb Garden. Experience the satisfaction of harvesting flavourful herbs at their peak and enjoy the convenience of having a mini-garden right outside your door. Invest in the VegTrug Herb Garden and embark on a journey of delicious flavours and sustainable gardening.

Capable of holding 40-50 litres of compost