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Herb Garden Greenhouse PE Cover

by VegTrug
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Compatible with the VegTrug Herb Garden Frame – Installing this cover is a breeze. The custom-fit design perfectly matches the VegTrug Herb Garden, providing a snug and secure fit. Simply slip it over the frame and fasten it with the included hook-and-loop straps for a tight and stable setup.

Efficient design – Equipped with a zippered roll-up door, this greenhouse cover offers convenient access to your herbs, allowing you to easily tend to them without disturbing the rest of the greenhouse.

Clever material – The polyethylene material used in this cover is renowned for its strength and resistance to tearing, ensuring long-lasting use and reliable protection for your precious plants. It is also UV-stabilized, preventing harmful sun rays from damaging your herbs while still allowing essential light to penetrate through, promoting healthy growth.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the VegTrug Herb Garden Greenhouse PE Cover provides an optimal growing environment for your herbs, protecting them from harsh weather conditions and extending their growing season.

Not only does this cover to protect your herbs, but it also helps extend the growing season, enabling you to enjoy fresh, homegrown herbs even when the weather is less favourable. From fragrant basil and flavourful rosemary to vibrant mint and delicate cilantro, the possibilities are endless with the VegTrug Herb Garden Greenhouse PE Cover.

So, whether you're an avid cook looking for a convenient herb supply at your fingertips or a gardening enthusiast seeking to enhance your green thumb skills, the VegTrug Herb Garden Greenhouse PE Cover is the perfect companion for your herb-growing journey. Experience the joy of year-round herb gardening and elevate your culinary creations with this essential accessory. Order yours today and transform your herb garden into a flourishing oasis of flavour and freshness!

Please note that this product is a standalone replacement and does not include a frame.


H: 65.0 x W: 53.0 x D: 70.5 cm

H: 65 x W: 53 x D: 70.5 cm