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Herb Garden Micro Mesh Cover

by VegTrug
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Compatible with the VegTrug Herb Garden Frame – Installing this cover is a breeze. The custom-fit design perfectly matches the VegTrug Herb Garden Frame, providing a snug and secure fit. Simply slip it over the frame and fasten it with the included hook-and-loop straps for a tight and stable setup.

Durable material – The micro mesh material used in this cover is specifically chosen for its exceptional strength and fine texture, preventing even the smallest pests from infiltrating your herb garden. This durable material is also resistant to tears, ensuring long-lasting use and reliable protection for your precious plants.

Protect your crops – With the VegTrug Herb Garden Micro Mesh Cover, you can rest easy knowing that your herbs are shielded from pests without the need for harmful chemicals or pesticides. Embrace organic gardening practices and let nature thrive as your herbs flourish in a safe and healthy environment.

Introducing the VegTrug Herb Garden Micro Mesh Cover, a premium solution to protect your herb garden from pests while promoting healthy growth and superior flavour. Specifically designed to fit the VegTrug Herb Garden Frame, this high-quality micro mesh cover is an essential accessory for any herb enthusiast or seasoned gardener.

The Herb Garden Micro Mesh cover is made from a durable, breathable material, which prevents insects from landing on and damaging your plants while still letting them breathe freely. Also, with openings all around, you won’t be hindered in your daily maintenance.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the VegTrug Herb Garden Micro Mesh Cover acts as a reliable barrier against unwanted pests such as aphids, caterpillars, and other small insects. Its fine mesh structure allows air, sunlight, and water to penetrate while keeping pests out, ensuring your herbs remain safe and undisturbed.

The micro mesh cover not only protects your herbs but also creates a microclimate that promotes optimal growth. It allows for proper ventilation, maintaining airflow and preventing excessive heat build-up. This controlled environment fosters healthy plant development, resulting in robust herbs bursting with aroma and flavour.

Whether you're cultivating fragrant basil, aromatic thyme, zesty oregano, or any other herb, the VegTrug Herb Garden Micro Mesh Cover ensures that your harvest is of the highest quality. Enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own herbs, knowing that they are protected from pests and that you are providing your family with the freshest and healthiest ingredients.

Please note that this product is a standalone replacement and does not include a frame.


Dimensions: H: 65.0 x W: 53.0 x D: 70.5 cm

Dimensions: H: 65 x W: 53 x D: 70.5 cm