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Babylon Planter

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Elevate and transform the appearance of your outdoor space with the versatile and easy to use Balcony/Fence Babylon Planter. Made from durable and weather resistant materials, the practical planter boasts a traditional flowerpot shape and measures 25cm x 25cm. It's available in four colours, to co-ordinate and enhance your seasonal floral arrangements.

The Balcony/Fence Babylon Planter features a generous capacity half pot with a hook attachment on the reverse. To mount on to a balcony rail or fence, simply slide the planter's hook over the top and pull down to secure in place. If you want to display more than one plant on the balcony or terrace, simply add more planters or opt for the elongated version that is 25cm x 50cm long.

Suspending your favourite flowering plant or fragrant herbs in a Balcony/Fence Babylon Planter instantly frees up ground space and gives the garden or patio a de-cluttered and streamlined look. Arranged along the top of a fence, the planter creates a unique botanical display. If your outdoor space is limited to a balcony, you can use the planter to decorate and embellish your mini garden by hanging the pot facing inwards on the balcony rail, instead of out.

25cm x 25cm x 5cm hook

10" x 10" x 2" hook